Machine hazards

Before knowing about the safety of the machines we have to understand the basic hazards that may be cause by the machines. In various industries were machinery is used there are people getting hurt or falling sick due to the machinery use. The hazards may be present in

  • The start and stop of the machines.
  • Where materials are fed into the machines
  • Where the machine cuts, drills, punches… with cleaning and maintenance or repair.
  • At gears, belts, rollers chains to set it up of cleaning or repairing.
  • In moving equipments and around lift trucks.
  • There are machines which can release energy on you which in turn may cause some hazard.

There are safety hazards like those which come from the movable parts of the machine. Contact with electricity, heat, fire, cold can also be dangerous. There are also hazards from pressurized gas or liquid.

There are also health hazards in industries where chemical usage is rampant. There has to be special care not to come in contact with harmful chemicals, or radiation. Vibration and noise can also cause harm to the body over a prolonged period of time.

There are places where the problem could arise from the machine…let us discuss those…

  • There could be problem at the controls. At the starting or stopping, set up etc.
  • There could be reciprocating motion hazards: which is cause by the press machine like cutters, drill press, power hammer, punch action of press etc.
  • There are transverse motion hazards: which are caused by machinery parts and equipment such as conveyer belt, band saw, lift truck etc.
  • Rotational motion hazards are from machines which do drilling and boring, at pulley or in nip-points.
  • Also hazards could take place when machines which carry equipment or materials happen to lose gravity.

There are also machinery which handles pressurized gas and liquid. You may handle pressure at the nozzles. Around injectors, autoclaves, pipes, pumps and compressors. These may happen while handling the machine or cleaning and repairing procedures.

Hazards could also happen without guards on machines or for not having personal safety protections. Handling high pressurized machines one often tends to get hurt when contact is made. Such pressure can puncture skin, cut and even blind you. Pressurized liquid or air can even push in harmful chemicals or bacteria.

I think knowledge of the hazards is the first procedure. Only then safety measures and caution may be taken care of for safeguarding. Every industry must prepare the workers through an induction period to learn more about the workings of the machines used for the manufacturing process.

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